c1Coffeeshop Company

Our owner, Ahmed Ramadan, has lived in The Woodlands community since 1976. During his business travels to Europe, he fell in love with the Coffeeshop Company and its unique atmosphere centered around friends and family. The coffee was exceptional and the Coffeeshop Company locations he visited throughout Europe offered a true Vienna café experience. Ahmed saw first-hand the dedication in providing the finest coffee for customers; this inspired him to open America’s first Coffeeshop Company location right here in The Woodlands.

We provide tableside service, giving you a place to relax, gather and connect with others. It’s a spot to hold business meetings, catch up with friends, or grab a coffee and dessert to-go. The flavors in every drink are enhanced using our special water filtration machines for purification. You REALLY can taste the difference! Delicious coffees, hand-picked wines, imported beers, and other specialty drinks give you something to enjoy at any time of the day. Hungry too? We’ve got you covered. Our European-inspired menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes that are sure to satisfy.

sssCommunity Ties

We not only want to serve The Woodlands and its surrounding areas but also be involved in our community. We are creating partnerships around the area to connect with those outside the Coffeeshop Company. Our investment in people is why we bring you an experience that’s much more than just a cup of coffee.

c3Our Roots

The first Coffeeshop Company was founded in 1999 in Vienna by the Schärf Group. Our “home in Vienna” slogan still remains in shops across the globe. We wanted to create the character of an American coffee shop with the feeling of a typical Viennese style café. Grounded in a European tradition with a modern flair, Coffeeshop Company truly delivers the ultimate coffee experience.