How Our Coffee Is Produced

Every cup of coffee you drink has been through a production process. It starts with a plant that grows beans and goes through a rigorous process of harvesting, preparing, drying, storing and eventually roasting. We use only the highest quality Arabica coffee beans to ensure every cup is good to the last drop.


Coffee farming is a slow and tedious step that begins the coffee production process. Plants are fertilized and protected from hazardous pests and diseases on a regular basis. Shadow-creating trees are cut down to ensure the perfect amount of light gets to the plants. The farmers’ goal is to make sure every plant is ready to yield a bountiful harvest.


White flowers will bloom off and on during a one year span–a good sign for a successful harvest! The coffee plant’s fruit–often called the coffee cherry due to its color– starts out green, but once ripeness nears, it turns bright red and plump.


The coffee cherries are then prepared using either a dry or wet method of coffee production. After the beans are separated, fermentation begins to remove the slick outer layer. When completed, the beans feel rough and are run through water cycles before the drying process takes place.


After the wet method of preparation, the beans, still inside the parchment envelope, must be quickly dried. The natural sunlight can help, or they can be put into a large tumbler to be machine-dried. When the beans reach the desired humidity, it’s ready for storage!


The parchment beans are stored in kenaf bags to await their transportation to processing facilities, roasteries and eventually your local Coffeeshop Company.


Our beans are sent to coffee production factories and sorted by grade after the parchment layer is removed. Any imperfections such as over-fermentation, discoloring, or damaged beans are removed so only the finest quality ones are used in your coffee. Finally, our beans are ready for roasting!


We roast 100% of our coffee in Austria with a gentle 12 minute rotational roasting method. Science and art are combined to extract the flavors hiding inside by slowly roasting each batch to perfection. From here, your beans are ready to brew!

The Coffeeshop Company values every step of the production process to ensure the very best coffee experience every time you visit us.