When we established the Coffeeshop Company location in The Woodlands (the first location in the United States) just over a year ago, we did so upon the ideals of old Viennese coffeehouse culture, which values community above everything else. We wanted to give people a place to gather, to share ideas and knowledge, and feel the human connection that has become so elusive in our digital age. As we reflect on our first year of business, we are so happy that you all subscribed to our plan and made the Coffeeshop Company your preferred meeting space.

Since we opened, we have been a gathering place for community – book signings, bridal showers, fitness classes and live music. It has also become the preferred venue for professionals who frequently require a comfortable, professional meeting space. We pride ourselves on our ample seating and exceptional coffee and broad selection of healthy, fresh food because we want you to come and stay a while!

As you know, Coffeeshop Company is steeped in the Viennese coffeehouse tradition.Coffeehouses in Vienna were safe havens for the thinkers, the artists, and the non-conformists of the day. They provided spaces for people to connect through coffee and conversation without being harassed or criticized by the authorities.

Free thought and conversation are welcome here. And watch for us as we expand our tradition to a new Creekside location this fall!

Consider us your Coffeeshop Community. We look forward to seeing you soon!